Spend this summer with Adduha Institute of Islamic Sciences

Adduha is offering 2 courses this summer:

  • Arbaeen-e-Nawawi (Book of 40 Ahadith by Imam Nawawi)                   Memorization and explanation of hadiths

  • Arabic Grammar::Qur’anic Arabic Grammar:                                                             Verb, Noun and their classification: Qur’anic Vocabulary

 In Urdu  (Weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday)                                                   

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Adduha Institute of Islamic Sciences(English Campus)

Offering 2 Courses:

  • Understanding Quranic Language (One Year Arabica grammar course)      Starting May 8th,2022                                                                                                    Every Sunday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

  • Basic Tajweed for Beginners:                                                                                             A self-paced online learning with 1 live class weekly.                                                      Starting May 9th


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We offer 3 year-diploma Program( 6- Semesters )& Numerous individual certificate courses

In English  (Weekend Courses)

In Urdu  (Weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday)                                                   

Courses we offer  


While as for those who accept guidance, He increases their guidance and bestows on them their piety.”                                                                            [Muhammad 47:17]

Third Semester from Sep to Dec 2022   

Tafseer ul Quran (103)

Seerah (Makkan Period)

Grammar (103)(Qawaid e Zaban e Quran ) 

Usul ul Fiqh (101)

Fiqh ul Taharah(102)   

Fiqh ul Ibadah (103) 

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Second Semester (English Adduha)from January to June 2022   

Tafseer ul Quran 
Tajweed ul Quran
Ulum ul Hadith 

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Fall Semester from September to December 2021                                  

Our Campuses

 Ad-Duha Institute of Islamic Sciences -ONLINE CAMPUS

  • Online conference rooms & Discussion forms
  • Email   Adduha.iis@icnasisters.ca
  • Contact # 647-948-8998  (Dial Extension # 102 for Urdu campus ) &  (Extension #  103 for English info )
  • Website    Adduhainstitute.com

 Ad-Duha Institute of Islamic Sciences -Mississauga Campus

  • 6635 Kitimat Road .Unit 33, Mississauga. ON .L5N 6J2
  • Email   Adduha.sauga@icnasisters.ca
  • Contact # 647-948-8998 (Dial extension # 106)

 Ad-Duha Institute of Islamic Sciences -Toronto Campus

  • 3021 Markham  Road .Unit 54&55,Scarborrough ON .M1X IL8
  • Email  Adduha.toronto@icnasisters.ca
  • Contact # 647-948-8998 (Dial extension # 104)

 Ad-Duha Institute of Islamic Sciences -Milton Campus

  • Islamic Community Center Of Milton 8069 Esquesing Line. Milton .ON .L9T 7L4
  • Email  Adduha.Milton@icnasisters.ca (Dial Extension # 107)
  • Contact # 647-948-8998