BATCH 2015/   ٢٠١٥
By: Sr. Perveen Ashraf / پروین أشرف


Topic DurationAudio
Class of 6th October 201559:34playbutton
Class of 8th October 201554:36playbutton
Class of 13th October 201554:13playbutton
Class of 14th October 201557:52playbutton
Class of 20th October 201552:37playbutton
Class of 22nd October 201553:43playbutton
Class of 27th October 201557:50playbutton
Class of 29th October 201552:45playbutton
Class of 3rd November 201548:17playbutton
Class of 5th November 201556:30playbutton
Class of 10th November 201558:04playbutton
Class of 12th November 201549:19playbutton
Class of 17th November 201549:48playbutton
Class of 26th November 201524:27playbutton
Class of 1st December 2015 22:27playbutton
Class of 3rd December 201525:54playbutton
Class of 8th December 201513:43playbutton
Class of 10th December 201554:15playbutton
Class of 5th January 201649:28playbutton
Class of 6th January 201643:54playbutton
Class of 13th January 201639:49playbutton
Class of 20th January 201625:28playbutton
Class of 3rd February 201627:20playbutton
Class of 10th February 201628:22playbutton
Class of 23rd February 201626:50playbutton
Class of 24th February 201638:54playbutton
Class of 1st March 201614:44playbutton