Courses Offered By the Institute

Tafseer ul Quran & Its Sciences

  • Word to Word Meaning
  • Word analysis and explanation
  • Root and family words
  • Translation and Tafseer of Quran


  • Principles of Tajweed
  • Memorization of 30thJuz (Amma)
  • Nazrah Quran with Tajweed
  • Memorization of Masoon Duas

Arabic Grammar

  • Qur’anic Arabic Grammar
  • Verb, Noun and their calssification
  • Qur’anic Vocabulary


  • Literary meaning of Quran and its terminology
  • Revelations (Wahee) and its types
  • Compilation of Quran
  • Asbab-Nazool, Nasikh o Mansookh & other topics related to the Sciences of Qur’an


  • Collection and compilation of Hadith
  • Hadith as an authentic source
  • Difference between Sahih, Hasan and Dhaeef Hadith
  • Other categories of Ahadith
  • Principles of Rawaiyat and Darriyat


(Core & Advance Courses)

  • Arbaeen-e-Nawawi (Book of 40 Ahadith by Imam Nawawi)
  • Advance courses are consist of selected chapters and Ahadith from Sahah-e Sitta


(Core & advance Courses)

  • Makki and Madni Period of Seerah
  • Important aspects of Seerah
  • Leadership role


  • Principles of Faith, Salat, Saum, Zakat and Hajj
  • Fiqh-e-Sunnah / Fiqh-e-Arba
  • Fiqh-ut- taharah
  • Family Laws


  • Shahadat-e-Haq
  • Adab-e-Zindagi
  • Tazkya-e-Nafs
  • Iman aur Zindagi
  • Deen main Terjehaat
  • Islam aur Ijtamayyet
  • and more

  Dawah courses

  • Asar e Hazar main Dawat e deen (in the light of Prophets way of dawah )
  • Muslim Heroes 
  • Dawah Techniques

Other Courses

  • Emotional intelligence 
  •  Human interaction &counselling course
  • Office skills 
  • Specialized Lectures 

  • Method of tajheez-o-Takfeen
  • Usul e wirasat
  • more