Ad Duha Institute Of Islamic Sciences

“He (Allah SWT) bestows wisdom upon whom He wills, and he who is given wisdom is in fact given great wealth, but only those who have common sense learn lessons from these things.” [2:269]

Women have played vital roles in the establishment and propagation of the fundamental truths of Islam. From the loyalty of Khadija (R.A) to the sacrifices of Sumayyah (R.A), from the scholarly work of Aisha (R.A) to the motherhood of Fatima (R.A), women have been instrumental in the flourishing and spreading of this Deen. The Institute of Islamic Sciences, founded by the ICNA sisters‚ Canada, is a unique institution designated in providing sound‚ knowledge and understanding of Islam to all levels of Muslim women.

Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “A single scholar of religion is more formidable against a devil than a thousand devout persons.” (Tirmidhi)

Our Mission & Goal

Our Mission

“To help Muslim women develop an Islamic personality that is defined in the Holy Qur’an and exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (S.A) and promote peace and harmony in this world by understanding our rights and responsibilities.”

Our Goal

“We seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by developing such traits as above and more into the Muslim Women of the present era. This includes enhancing communications skills, as well as Islamic morals and values, in the order, they become convincing and effective leaders and role models for their peers and the next generation.”

Our Objectives

1. Educate Muslim women Islamic teachings, morals and values to become effective leaders and role models.

2. Motivate Muslims women to establish Islam in all aspects of their lives and to perform their duty of being witnesses unto humanity by their words and deeds, individually and collectively.

3. Offer educational and training opportunities to increase Islamic knowledge, to enhance character, and to develop communication skills.

4. Encourage to oppose immorality and oppression in all forms and work for peace, justice, and equality among all segments of the community, especially the poor and underprivileged.

5. Provide opportunities to participate in such social project that could strengthen the bonds of humanity by serving all those in need in Canada and work for their betterment regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or origin.



We have more than 300 students accross Canada and North America in current batch.


30 teachers to provide lecture and answer any questions you may have.


Even though most of our classes and courses are done on internet, We do have 3 physical locations in Canada and one online campus.

Satisfaction Guarenteed

all our teachers are carefully selected to provide our students the best.