Technical Courses Fee 

  • Microsoft Word: $25/6 Sessions

  • PowerPoint Crash Course: $25/8 Sessions

  • Gmail Basics: $15/3 Sessions

Tuition Fee Details (English Courses)

  • One year Diploma course …$30/ Semester and $60 for One Year

  • For Listener :$15/Semester 

Tuition Fee Details (Urdu Courses):

Use your campus name as the reference and mention your name or roll number too.

  • For Diploma Course Per Month fee is $60 and if you want to pay in one installment for whole semester,It would be $200

  • Quran Tafseer=$40/month

  • Single Short course fee = $20/month 

  •  For Listeners: $40/ Semester (for 3 Classes/week Course) and $15 /Semester for  (1 Class /week Course

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